Allison Melody, host of the “Food Heals Podcast,” had a sugar addiction her entire adult life and was looking everywhere for an answer. She then started working with David, and finally became free of the cravings for good. Here’s her story.

Four months after brain flipping her sugar cravings, Allison is still doing great and having no challenges with sweets. She has David back on to discuss the three brain flips in more detail, and give some tips for the New Year.

Become free of cravings by indulging them. Discover the perfect portions by purposely overeating. Lose weight by stopping exercise. Sounds insane? Watch this Facebook Live that David did with Autumn Smith of Paleovalley, and it won’t.

David goes LIVE on Facebook, with Josh Trent of “Wellness Force Radio” to discuss the three brain flips he uses to help others resolve all their food struggles and release all the extra weight. They also discuss why it is that the greater the struggle, the better this works. 

Ali Reti, host of the “Mind Your Fitness Podcast,” invites David on to share his ground-breaking approach to weight loss. After hearing his method, which at first sounds insane, she is convinced that ‘brain flipping” will eventually become a household name.

David joins Faith Shevlin, host of the “IMperfectly Healthy Podcast,” to discuss his radical methods for helping people find freedom from the weight and food struggle, in a way that works quickly and for the long-term.

Mike Sherbakov of the “Do Great Things Podcast” brings David on to discuss his ground-breaking approach to weight loss, but also dives deeper into David’s personal journey and the kinds of experiences he’s had, that led to where he is today.

David has an interesting conversation with Chase Chewning of “Ever Forward Radio,” where they discuss how to brain flip cravings, overeating, and weight loss, but also get into what happens when we die, how trauma and group dynamics can cause weight gain, and much more.

David joins fellow health expert Mike Bledsoe, host of the “Bledsoe Show” to talk about his counter-intuitive approach to dealing with cravings and binge eating, as well as developing a better relationship with exercise to bring about sustained weight loss. 

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