David on FOX 11 in Santa Barbara, talking about the simple source of our complex weight loss obstacles.

David on ABC Tucson’s The Morning Blend Show, discussing how to breakthrough the fundamental obstacle of weight loss.

David on FOX 13 in Salt Lake City, discussing the root of our weight loss challenges.



Can a lack of integrity derail weight loss? What does the avoidance/aggression cycle mean for those on the path of better health? Find out here, in David’s talk with Josh Trent of Wellness Force Radio.

David talks with Autumn and Chas Smith, founders of Paleovalley, about personal challenges that inspired his international bestselling book, as well as practical ways to change behavior patterns that keep us from success.

In David’s interview with Sean Croxton, of Underground Wellness Radio, he discusses the 6 essential practices for living a healthy and fulfilling life. 

In this talk with Michelle McGlade, host of “Making The Maven” David challenges our most common beliefs about health, as well as the most commonly used practices that we assume are the right way to go about it.

David talks with Bonnie Kelly, host of “The Emotional Revolution Summit,” about emotional intelligence, as well as gives some tips for going from frustration to transformation.

David talks with Bruno da Gama, the Brazilian Health Nut, about the missing link for weight loss.

David Talks with Dr. Jo Anne White of Power Your Life Radio, about changing our perspective and conditioning around goals.

David joins Kevin Cottrell of FitFluential Radio to discuss the importance of mindset in optimizing health and wellness goals.

In this 100th episode of Wellness Force Radio, David was named as one of the top 9 world-class wellness influencers in 2017.

David talks with Dana Wilde, host of The Mind Aware Show, about why we get stuck, and the truth about “achievement.”

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